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"In 1946 boots would have been constructed of solid leather with the soles liberally encrusted with triple hobs, tricounis and clinkers. How often have I wished for such boots, particularly on iced-up Landrover tracks, where Vibram soles encourage one to do a fair impression of Torvil and Dean. I wonder how many accidents have been caused because folk can't be bothered to take the crampons out of the rucksack; and how many might have been prevented had nailed boots been worn.

And as for the incompetent getting into tricky situations, well that happens no matter what equipment they use. You've only to look at the example of the motor industry where tyres, ABS, seat belts, etc. give incompetent drivers a totally unjustified sense of security. Hopefully the average mountaineer is not so easily duped as the average motorist."

Kenneth Tonge, Aberdeen - The Mountaineering Council of Scotland Newsletter